Led Neon Strip

Led Neon Strip is very important decoration parts, you could use Led Neon Strip to decorate the building or show the text as your need.  Doing this in a greener way drives us to the market. Our professionals value solutions make everyone happy. Contact us today to see how.

Led flexible Neon Strip made up of glass neon tubes and fiber deficiency. It also named Led flexible Neon, Led Neon strip is a linear lighting decoration product, though looks no difference from ordinary neon lights, but any bending, crushing and waterproof function, can be used in indoor and outdoor widely.

We could offer low voltage Led Neon Strip and High Voltage Led Neon Strip. DC24V or AC220V, or other voltage as your need. 

For DC24V Led Neon Strip, SMD3528 and SMD5050 is optional.



Led Neon Strip is the alternatives to neon glass tube, it's safe and easy to installation. we could offer low voltage version or high voltage version according to your requirements, and using SMD3528 or SMD5050 Led by optional.

You are welcome to contact with us for more information about our Led Neon Strip products. We will give you our best price and after service.