High Voltage Flexible Led Strips

Building based on materials' unique characteristics allows us to design precise High Voltage Flexible Led Strips. Synergy between our expert staff and clients makes for the best outcomes. This is our progmatic approach to business and it allows us to define reasonable solutions to your stringent requirements. Enable us to earn your trust. Contact us today.

High voltage flexible SMD led Strip is mainly in the original LED light products on the basis of performance improvements, so that it can better meet the needs of energy saving and environmental protection, and more convenient to use.

Its biggest feature is the flexible SMD led Strip from 12V up to 110V-220V, and do not need to use a transformer in use, were restricted by led strips out of the transformer. Installation use, disposable 10-100 m, better than the original 12V flexible SMD led Strip.

High Voltage Flexible Led Strips could use SMD5050 LED as the LED source, it's flexible so it could used in outdoor or indoor decoration, advertising application. the length could reach 100M at the most, and do no need transforms. it's easy to use.

High Voltage SMD5050 60Leds/M strips could let the strips brighter than SMD5050 30Leds/M, so if you need brighter solution in high voltage strips, SMD5050 60Leds/M is the best choice.

Stability and productivity are at the foundation of our basic principles. All High Voltage Led Strips have been tested by our skilled workers before delivery.