Driver selection for LED Strip lights dimming applications

LED lighting dimmable lighting efficiency depends on the combination of LED light sources and power supply.


In General, the LED light can be simply divided into two categories: individual LED lights equipped with LED light source resistance, on the application sometimes LED light can be designed into an internal DC-DC converter modules, such complex module is not discussed in this article.

If LED light or module for separate LED itself, common of adjustable light method for adjustment LED entered current of amplitude, so LED drive power of selection on should reference this characteristics, Meanwell company HLG/ELG family of features is current can adjustment, and and can by external 1-10VDC* or 10VPWM pulse wide adjustable variable or even only through add-ins a simple of variable resistance to control output current of adjustable variable.

The LED light source and the other with a resistor (commonly referred to as LED light bar or LEDSTRIP), wide use of LED light bar is a resistor in series with the LED, so the voltage is relatively stable, so that users can access to any market
with constant voltage power supply to drive the LED Strip lights.

The LED light strip is generally common to 12VDC or 24VDC driven, but also in dimming applications of LED light bar may be a bit difficult. Paper description has using current amplitude adjustable light way of drive in LED lamp article of
application problem, also while discussion some common of adjustable light problem, and while introduced has used output pulse wide (PWM) adjustable variable of can adjustable light LED power drive, Meanwell company by launched and get national technology innovation products Awards certainly of PWM family series, is currently most appropriate also most simple of LED lamp adjustable light solution.